Author: Stefan Plachner

Fortnite Ethereum Pairing

Fortnite Ethereum Pairing has become a popular combination

People have been talking since combining a popular online game with cryptocurrency in Reddit, the Fortnite Ethereum awards platform. And while cryptocurrency users are quite knowledgeable, it seems that the gaming community is stepping up to become more involved in how to buy Ethereum. Reddit is a forum-based online social platform, testing 2 types of community points built…


Blockchain: what it is, how it works and sectors where to implement it

What is Blockchain? What are the areas in which it can be implemented?  Why is blockchain technology related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? We find out in this guide what Blockchain technology or “blockchain” works and how it works. Blockchain and Bitcoin: which correlation? We certainly all know Bitcoins, but we don’t all know exactly how Bitcoins work and what these digital…