Fortnite Ethereum Pairing has become a popular combination

Fortnite Ethereum Pairing

People have been talking since combining a popular online game with cryptocurrency in Reddit, the Fortnite Ethereum awards platform. And while cryptocurrency users are quite knowledgeable, it seems that the gaming community is stepping up to become more involved in how to buy Ethereum. Reddit is a forum-based online social platform, testing 2 types of community points built on Ethereum’s network. It was primarily designed to generate more activity for the Fornite community and users of Ethereum digital cryptocurrency.

Specifications of community numbers

These 2 subreddit communities have 2.4 million users worldwide, so it may be tempting to bring them community points. Community Points has to test both the Forenite users (r / FortNiteBR) and the Ethereum community (r / cryptocurrency) for online activities. Hoping to give users community points as an incentive for increased network usage, Reddit quickly found who was on top.

Named after Moons and Brix, Points Ethereum is designed in the blockchain network platform specifically for users of Fortnite Ethereum. Located on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet, it reported more than 11,000 addresses that have already been created specifically for community scores. Of these 11,000 addresses, it is clear which community dominates online usage by 80%:
• 9,091 addresses for brick points (Fortnite users)
• 2,166 addresses for Moons points (Ethereum users)

These community point tokens for Fortnite Ethereum users will remain on the Rinkeby testnet for a period of summer months. If they prove to successfully pass the trial run, they will graduate in the Ethereum Mainnet.

Is the Fortnite Ethereum Pairing a recipe for disaster?

Although some believe this dominance is due to more gamers being online, Reddit is actually among more Ethereum users. Having made the announcement just a few days ago, seeing Fortnite Ethereum register more than 11,000 user addresses is a positive sign.

And while the interest generated may sound good, some believe it is a recipe for disaster again. Investigating past gaming and crypto pairs CryptoKitties, Ethereum’s network had to try hard to keep up with user demand. Launched in 2017, this online game built into Ethereum’s blockchain network proved to be lagging the system with interested users.

How will Bricks and Moon benefit the user?

Examining the characteristics of Brix and Moons shows the Fortnite Ethereum users how attractive it is for their digital purse.
• Each community point reward (bricks or moons) can be used to trade independently within the community for multiple purposes.
• Currently, they can unlock special features such as badges and GIFs, as well as display the user’s reputation within the sub-range.
• Both BRICS and Moons are assigned based on user contributions and user actions.
• Distribution is noted for listing that it will be up to the online community but has not released any specifications.

How Fortnite Ethereum pairing will end is anyone’s guess, but Reddit is hoping for the best. With previous experience of cryptocurrency under their belt, some concerns have subsided. Many are hopeful that all the bugs for this new combination have been worked out and not repeated.

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